Commercial Real Estate Client Representation

When an individual is ready to buy a commercial real estate property, he or she will want the services of a commercial real estate representative. This individual can help guide the buyer throughout the process so that purchasing the property is simple and straightforward.

How a Commercial Real Estate Representative Can Help

  • A commercial real estate representative helps set deals for property sales between sellers and buyers. Each representative may work directly with sellers, buyers or even both. They must be people that can remain neutral so they can represent the interests of both parties.
  • A representative will have the task of helping sellers decide a good price to ask for a complex. His job will entail preparing a detailed sales analysis of like properties in the region and what they sold for. The report will include an average of his findings so that his new client can review the report and use it when setting the sale price.
  • When working with a buyer, the representative’s job is to listen to that individual’s concerns and needs for a commercial property. Once the buyer finds a place that will work for them, they will submit a bid, and then the representative will respond with the answer of the seller.
  • Commercial real estate representatives help buyers view the properties that are of interest to them. Business owners have certain goals that can only be met with the right kind of building. Part of the representative’s job is to help that business owner see the potential that any property can have for their company.
  • The representative always needs to be communicating. He will want to meet with his clients to listen to their concerns and answer any questions that they may have.
  • Each representative also stays current on all of the latest knowledge of real estate laws and regulations.