How Do You Get a New Client in Real Estate

1. How do I get a client?
The “one a day” program. Make one call to a new person every day. Not ten on Monday and ten a week later. One! You wouldn’t take a week worth of vitamins in one day. Just one! One a day, five a week 250 a year!

This way has helped me do approximately 30 clients a year over the last 15 years since starting my own firm! Be consistent and persistent. My largest client took me five years to get in the door and ended up being a $20 million lease!

2.Know who you are and what you do for client. I am Greg Schenk. I help clients Improve their bottom line on their leases and maximize their investment in real estate. I don’t sell or list buildings. I work strictly for the benefit of the tenant and buyers/investors. I introduce the client to every person in the process they need to make their life easier! I add value to them every step of the way. I am a “master of the market and a master of the process” I study and know my market better than anyone and know the process inside and out forwards and backwards to save our clients time and money in each and every step! I truly care about my clients and it shows in all the value adds we do that we don’t charge extra for!Know what you stand for, what makes you different, what value adds you bring to the table. Can they trust you?

3. Where do you get client?
Most powerful is referral with introduction. Establish various referral networks. I speak, do blog, write article and get with the biggest referrers daily ie attornies, accountants, bankers, past clients. Give and you shall receive. I always give something of value first. A no cost review of a prospects lease to give them a foundation on how their lease stacks up in today’s market!

4. What makes me different? Tenant rep only, advisor consultant first, resultant second, relationship oriented to insure your long term goals are met!

5. Everyone else is a salesman. I’m an advisor/consultant and have been for twenty five years!People need help today more than ever. They don’t want to be sold though they want someone they trust to give them advice to help not sell them!

6. It’s all about relationships! I represent buyers and tenants only!

7. Sales is the process of producing results for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Think about what your doing and if it isn’t working dont keep doing the same things, don’t be afraid to be unique. I was the first exclusive tenant rep broker in my market, people said I would fail miserably. 15 years later I am still smiling from my success. You can too!