The Schenk Company, Inc. Celebrating 34 years of service!

The Leader in Representing Tenants, Buyers and Investors.

The Schenk Company, Inc. provides creative solutions for tenants, buyers and investors of commercial real estate. Serving Central Ohio since 1986, The Schenk Company, Inc. and its founder, Gregory P. Schenk, have assisted clients in all aspects of commercial real estate by representing companies and individuals in transactions valued in excess of $500 million.

The Schenk Company, Inc. is Central Ohio’s only exclusive tenant/buyer representative brokerage/advisory firm. We have 32 year relationships in over  310 cities worldwide, professionals  of the most experienced and savvy advisors, consultants and tenant rep brokers! In February we were honored to be inducted into the Midwest Real Estate Magazine Hall of Fame!

The Schenk Company, Inc. assists companies with their leases, purchases, investment acquisitions and build-to-suit transactions.

  • Undivided Loyalty – Representation of tenants, buyers and investors exclusively
  • Teamwork – International access to timely, objective data and sophisticated strategies
  • Expertise & Experience – Analyzing and structuring short and long term strategic goals to benefit the tenant or buyer or investor.
  • Comprehensive Real Estate Advice – For property acquisitions, leasing, asset and lease administration and project management, including the most cost-effective approach to such leases and purchases.
  • Databank – Property information on all property types worldwide!

Where our word is our bond and accountability to the client is everything.”

Helping you learn grow and prosper for 34 years!