The Heroic Experience, Episode 30-Greg Schenk, Exclusive Tenant Rep., Int’l Speaker, Trainer

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heroism it’s the pursuit of two ideals excellence and a higher purpose
this noble mission is not just found in hollywood it’s a game changer for businesses devoted to it almost all
business owners launch their company to make a difference in the world around them join us on the heroic experience as
we talk with business owners senior leaders and established entrepreneurs so
that you too can elevate your business to heroic success
now here’s your host john d hanson welcome back to the heroic experience
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c-o-f-f-m-a-n-media dot com happy to have greg greg shank uh exclusive tenant rep national speaker
teacher trainer mentor and coach as our guest in studio today greg honored to
have you looking forward to our time together we always kick off the first segment with
two three wow stories from clients you’ve worked with especially the ones that may have never heard of you before
you come in and they’re like we are so glad we worked with greg so we’d love to hear some of those stories and welcome
to the show well thanks john it’s great to be here i have a lot of them over there i’m sure you do
i think we’ve helped over 800 companies but ones that stand out yeah i helped
the division of the supreme court the state of ohio for three times wow
and they just had a situation a couple years ago where their employees couldn’t afford to park downtown anymore
parking’s gotten expensive downtown yeah so i actually thought we were going to maybe move out of downtown
but i found a landlord that had lost half the tenants in their building had gone elsewhere and a new landlord had
taken over so they were very hungry mm-hmm that’s so explanation so a big part of our business is keeping our
finger on the pulse and figuring out which landlords have the money to improve the space which ones can
really incentivize a good credit tenant which we had so sure we we got them over 700 000 of
build-out allowance to build out a brand new space for them and got their parking fees reduced so
all their employees were happy happy employees do better
yes right and this was uh just pre-covered okay so you know people
were still going into the office every every day but right it really turned a nightmare scenario where they were very
concerned and they had people coming from all over central ohio 20 30 miles away in some cases right um
and but yet because they were part of the supreme court that they really wanted to stay downtown yes but but that
was their hot button and every every company has a different hot button and that was their hot button but not only did we get them
incredible terms and conditions but the the biggest thing was the employees were happy because they weren’t getting
gouged anymore for parking which unfortunately a lot of people are how do you as a company i know we’ll get
into really fine details in the third segment but how are you able to do that keep your
pulse on the market for how do you identify landlords commercial landlords that are like that well it’s getting out
there every day and talking to people talking to brokers talking to property managers talking to owners really trying
to find out are they a long-term holder of the property are they something that’s going to fix it up and keep it
are they people that either don’t have the money to put back in or won’t spend the money right and
obviously as the market ebbs and flows that can really change maybe their loans coming up so for example uh if the
company if the building’s really empty it’s really hard to get the building refinanced right if they’re getting
closer to the top they might want one more deal that they could then take to the bank and refinance and get better
terms that they can then pass on to the tenants with lower rental rates right and or borrow money to fix up the
building right right so today the cost of build out is just astronomical right so that really comes
into play probably more than ever in the 36 years i’ve been doing this because of that factor
um another good i’m sorry you asked me for for three and another one and probably my biggest success story ever
was progressive medical which uh was on the business first list 15 years in a row
of um fast 50. so i met dave biancone the owner at a small business nominee we both were
nominated for small business person of the year like i want to say 25 years ago a long time
ago and he won and we became good friends and he had built his own building and made every mistake he could make on
building a building he’d use a residential contractor he put it on two floors it wasn’t laid out very well
so he had a lot of issues with the hvac system parking so employees are bitching you know same
thing pleasure bitching so we found him a site that wasn’t even listed in westerville across the street from a
park we built him a building with the ability to expand it and he went from 7 million a year
to a couple hundred million a year in sales wow and went from 12 000 feet to
108 000 feet in space and we built them i think about
34 000 foot building and i remember him saying like it was yesterday oh we’ll never take this
second floor what do you what would you get me into taking so much space and here he just grew grew
and so the amount of savings that he had in the long term by not having to move several times
uh was astronomical and this is about as good a hearted man as i
had ever met and when he had sold the company he donated the building to his church
wow and the building i think was worth about 13 million dollars right so kind heart so
i was really proud that i could be a small part of that and you know help them with with that with that whole
process um on there i think i’ve helped over 100 startup companies and you know i just i guess for number three it’s
just helping a company that was working from their garage was working from their basement was working from you know
wherever and just putting them in and you know just seeing the smiles on their face that wow we have a place to call
home now and and and doing that i mean i i can’t think of just the one that really sticks out but just so many that
you know were there so that’s a real exciting part of my business yeah it’s got to be very rewarding it really is
you mentioned in that just that last one with progressive medical you know there’s that that idea that if
you build it they will come we’ll just build it bigger and we’ll get more business but on the other hand do you see a connection between creating more
space also can sometimes if you’ve got the right mix can be a recipe for growth by
expanding space does that incentivize does that encourage that provoke growth for
companies that do have more space available rather than being on top of each other well it’s
that risk and reward scenario somebody’s paying for it if you’ve got 20 percent of space empty number one there’s the
cost to build it or rent it number two obviously the utilities the taxes you know everything else so i
don’t have many companies that take that risk got it i’ve got a client i’m dealing with now that thinks they’re
going to grow from 15 to 20 to 30 000 feet but to bite it off i mean you know do
you want to pay an extra 50 or 100 grand a year in rent that you’re not going to use it for three years right for that
long term growth right i mean that’s the role of the dice that not every company is going to take
okay so big risk taking companies that are fast growth they probably have to take it if
not they’re going to get hamstring the worst thing they can do is go into 20 000 feet if in two years they need 30
and they can’t grow and they waste a year so so they will definitely get you know stifled or they have to go to multiple
facilities that they lose a bunch of efficiencies yes right on there so we take all that in into effect when we’re
working with companies we usually get a space planner involved to try to see where they’ve been where they are now where do they want to go and try to do
as much forecasting not only for employee head counts but a lot of other factors so we’re up against a break time flies
i’ll tell you so quick question what’s been the most interesting city or state or country
that you visited in connection with what you do what jumps off top of your head
i gotta say florida we were talking about it off market how much it’s grown every city i drove down there uh in
december and i bet you eight different cities are busting at the seams how much it’s grown
it’s exciting i’ll tell you before i’ve got friends down there uh and it is exciting to see um there’s in spite of
what you hear there are good things going on economically within our country and well i’m looking forward to diving
into the second segment with greg shank our guest to hear his story uh you’ll want to join us back after the break if
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kauffman that spell honored to have greg shank exclusive
tenant rep national speaker teacher trainer mentor and coach as our guest in studio today greg this is my favorite
portion of the show because i get to hear people’s stories that’s what fascinates me the most so as far back as you’d like to go we’d like to hear yours
well that’s a big one 21 years old i’m out of college don’t have a dime to my name didn’t know what
i wanted to do with my life i get a job that could have sent me anywhere in the u.s sales job and they
send me to los angeles california i’m living in a hotel for four months
missing my mom missing my family but also loving la and the good weather
ended up living on the beach there for four years one day i flew back for a friend’s wedding in toledo where i grew up drove down
here to columbus and had a gut feel columbus was going to grow i left a job with a company car and
expense account and a decent salary and came back to straight commission to get in the commercial real estate business
i set a very high goal i said i’ll give it two years if not i’ll move back and i was living on the beach and everybody said you’re
nuts you’re effing nuts why would you leave the beach and move back to ohio some people didn’t know where columbus
was at the time now this is quite some time ago but still uh so i set this high goal and uh fortunately i hit that high
goal and nine years later i did the biggest deal in the state and i left the biggest company in the country and went
out on my own and started my own exclusive tenant rep business the only one in town that that does that and the same thing happened everybody said i was
nuts i was stupid i was committing suicide business-wise by leaving the biggest company in the country and going
out on my own worked out in my basement for two years uh and literally my business doubled
overnight and i wasn’t giving 50 cents of every dollar to my old company that’s right and i could use that to invest in
investment property and i started buying properties across the country and partnership and literally every dream i
had as a kid every goal i set uh came true so i started speaking and teaching
about it and teaching others how to get a foundation for a lifelong success i designed two courses for continuing ed
for realtors and it went so good in ohio i took it nationwide and that’s really what i’m most passionate about in life
now is listening to other people’s stories seeing where they’re stuck and and helping them really get to the next
level whether it’s helping a company improve their bottom line with their real estate facilities helping a company
or an individual buy investment properties and and and really connecting them with other successful people around
the country and all the trusted advisors they need like a real estate attorney an accountant bank financing contractors
architects whoever they need in the process that they don’t uh already have so it’s been a it’s been a
great journey and uh really i can’t wait for the next part that’s
what do you think i i see this common thread of that risk reward that we talked about in the first segment where
you take that risk and you get the payoff what do you think is behind
your i’m going to say willingness but your drive to take on something that you know has risk in exchange for that reward
because not everybody’s wired that way what do you think is behind that wiring of why you’ve done that multiple times
in your career well that’s a really good question and i’m definitely i was brought up in a
very conservative family my mom’s father had died when she was young my uh my mom and dad got divorced when i
was young so all was drilled in my head was save save save don’t spend clip clip
coupons don’t take risks so the fact that i did get into one of the most riskiest business most of my assignments
are eight months to a year so imagine going eight months to a year without a paycheck right and go starting a
straight commission position it’s it’s it’s really tough it’s it’s really seeing the potential probably moving to
los angeles out of college was the best thing that ever happened because it exposed me to people
that made incredible amounts of money in all different walks of life computers were just getting started and i had
friends in computer sales that were making five times what i was making in my sales job i’m like wait a minute they
put their pants on the same way i do right and then i met stockbrokers and bond traders and people that were making
a million dollars a year in their 20s and i said something’s wrong with this picture here
and i’m making 20 some thousand dollars a year thinking i’m doing great right and they’re making that in a week
you know and i’m like hello hello so i had one friend out of the blue said i think you’d be good in this industry in
this business and i said what is it i didn’t even know what it was but what i saw was there was no limits put on you
you were going to get out of life and out of the business what you put into it and i believed in myself
i said i knew i had a good work ethic i grew up as a golf caddy and i got exposed to wealthy people through that
and you know heard their stories yeah what they’re doing i’m like hey they’re out here on a wednesday afternoon golfing they must be doing pretty good
right you know on here so it’s i think it’s getting exposed to it and i think people
today if you’ve heard the average person doesn’t have 500 dollars to their name for an emergency
so in my opinion we don’t need the government handouts what what we need is the education and the inspiration and
exposing them to the opportunities and once you’ve been exposed to people and
listen to their stories about how they got started like dave b and coney who came from totally nothing
southeast ohio poor country you know poor city i mean in in you know poor area of claw of ohio yeah and see what
he did with his life you know one of the most successful people ever from central ohio uh anybody can do it if they want it bad
enough so i guess i wanted it bad enough you know i had that burning desire to succeed
and i listened and studied every great motivational trainer sales trainer excuse me i took dale carnegie right out
of college was basically my sales training and human relations skills that probably helped me more than any course
that i took at ohio state and just put that sense into me yeah uh that
if you give people what they want you’re going to get what you want out of life don’t make it about you
make it about them the client mm-hmm yeah yeah the exposure to social media
it’s everywhere and it’s great at capturing like the 12th inch of success
but not the millimeters of progress study connections exposure of
along the way setbacks are part of that learning curve of what didn’t go right so that you can learn how to do it right
um social media is really good about capturing that picture where they’ve arrived right but then if you get behind
you get to the story right you get behind that success which it is you find this common element of
they weren’t handed it it was a combination of experiences decisions hard work studying and learning
what would you say is one of the attributes you look for for someone that you know has potential but they don’t
know it yet themselves when you’re coaching well i did a podcast last year on that
subject so it’s a great one and the title of it was if you try to earn before you learn you get burned
most people don’t have the foundation and they’re not willing to put forth the work and effort into studying right
which in my case i tell people people get in my business it’s 18 months to two years look at like you’re going back to
get your master’s you’re going to starve for two years and after that you’re going to build a foundation that’s going
to lead you to lifelong success so it’s getting number one that work ethic and realize
it’s not going to come easy it is like you pointed out a lot of little baby steps having an attitude of gratitude
because you need to surround yourself by other good uplifting motivated
hard-working smart people that are going to challenge you not be yes people but
give you grief if you’re not stepping up just like a personal trainer is going to push you to lift yes your personal best
you want the same thing that’s telling you look you got to step up your game and work harder and study more
and again really really give it your best for for that and and you’re right not everybody is willing to do that
excellent well this was this segment is always my favorite well join us back we’re up against another break join us
back where we’ll learn more details about how greg helps businesses and people join us back after the break
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grateful have greg shank exclusive tenant rep national speaker teacher trainer mentor and coach as our guest
the second segment always is just packed full of great ideas life concepts and
principles this is the segment though greg where we really get to dive into the differentiators there’s commercial
real estate advisors consultants experts across the country everywhere
what would you say is are some of the differentiators that you have heard from your clients and you
know you possess that make a difference in what you do well the biggest thing is we do exclusive
tenant representation we don’t do listings so we give companies an unprejudiced view of the market
and it gets back to the seek first to understand then be understood we’re there to be a consultant advisor first
and a resultant second so i’m the only one that exclusively does that in central ohio and i banded
together with other experts around the world i’ve got about 83 companies in the us 83 us markets and about 120 around
the world so if i have a client here and they want to open up an office in tulsa oklahoma or tucson arizona or boise
idaho i have an expert that knows that market the way i know central ohio yeah
so what i did when i left the biggest company in the country to really get the the word out is i study the market about
three hours a day wow so i am able to use that in my speaking and
teaching to educate people not sell them anything every other broker out there is
trying to sell their listing here’s the bells and whistles they’re saying our company’s the biggest which there are a lot of big ones out there
i’m not a big company but bigger isn’t better better is better and we’re giving such a higher level of service by our
market knowledge by as i told you earlier keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the market and
having the contacts that they need to make the process go smoothly because every company or every person
needs these trusted advisors yes to help their life go easier the analogy i use john is you wouldn’t go to court without
an attorney you wouldn’t do your taxes without a cpa why go into the second most largest
business expense your company is going to have without an expert that’s strictly and solely
representing you and your interest yeah i know it’s it’s interesting how
that it’s not often seen in real estate as a conflict potential conflict of interest
to have someone that’s also winning on both sides they benefit from
both sides of things would you have an attorney represent both sides in a court case of course not so most listing agents
that try to do tenant rep their company may have three of the ten buildings you go look at which is a
total conflict of interest we took that out and the law changed in 1989
before that it was let the buyer beware in the state of ohio enacted the agency disclosure dog to let each tenant know
who represents whom in a transaction when that law changed i moved all my
business over to exclusive tenant rep and then i banded together with these other experts around the country so we
could have a seamless way to help companies no matter where they wanted to be
with that so everybody’s probably heard of a buyer’s broker on the residential side right but they may not know
or have been educated yet about a tenant rep on the commercial side and that does make a difference it does make a
difference what is a best way that people can contact you to learn more about what you do what you
have to offer um company dot com
is our website shank training gives some of our podcasts webinars things like
that some examples of of what we’ve done they can google me they can find me on
linkedin greg shank on their or our phone number is
614-496-2715 that’s 614-496-2715
and we can certainly introduce you to people if you’re looking for things in other markets as well and we stay in and part
of the process the entire way where the buck stops with us basically where do you think your love for
learning came from is that something you acquired or is that something you’ve always had i probably got to thank my mom she was a
teacher ah okay and she got me reading at a very young age so i’ve had a lifelong
love of reading i’m a voracious reader as i said i probably studied the market three hours a day so i’m reading um
every tidbit every magazine article uh i get i get emails literally from all over
that i’m reading market information trends what’s going on um with with that so um
i did i got that very early in in life and then i studied really the top 10 or
12 sales traders motivational speakers human relations thing everything to
become better you know because i think it’s like shaving if you don’t do it every day you’re going to be a bum after uh a
while not not beard intended john but um i do have to shave here i do think
it’s really important to keep mentally stimulated and so for me
learning about the market so we talked earlier for example of how much it cost to build out space now yes and it can
sometimes be double what it used to be because lumbers lumbers up steals up cements up labor’s up it’s hard to even
get these you know parts you can get them yeah if you can get them so there’s so much more complexity than there was
two years ago so somebody that might have signed a lease three or five years ago the market is totally different the warehouse market right now is as hot as
it’s ever been yeah and if you’re looking for a warehouse or manufacturing space and i have a new manufacturing
client right now it’s a challenge oh yeah and it’s in hot markets where the flow of goods uh are
only going to get stronger um it’s that much more challenging on top of all those it
really is not but if you’re an office tenant with more companies looking at partial work from home or hybrid
there’s going to be more opportunities especially in downtown areas yes okay so
that’s the thing we keep our finger on the pulse and study we’re start you know the trends from different markets different product
types to say what’s going on and how can we best help our clients with that interest rates are changing
so what does that mean if you own a building maybe you look at refinancing if you haven’t refinanced if you’re going to buy an investment property
what’s the rate’s going to be nobody’s got a crystal ball mine’s a little you know fuzzy of what of what’s going to go
on but the sooner you have a strategic plan together the more time and money you’re going to
save the problem is most companies come to me with almost a fire approach of oh my god my lease is coming up
and we got a notice from my landlord and i’ve got a 200 percent holdover penalty if i don’t make an answer soon
so i like to start early 12 to 18 months early yeah and you can renew your lease at any time during the process but the
earlier you start the more time and money that you’ll save of course of course and the landlords are they’ll
honor that incentivization because if you’re going to take that kind of initiative that far ahead of when it’s
up to renew it just makes it better for them too it’s a win-win yeah it’s no different than refinancing in you know your home so we call it restructuring
existing whether it’s downsizing whether it’s expanding uh or or whether it’s relocating to a different space that’s
gonna fit your new needs better with uh hybrid you know work solutions that a
lot of companies are going to yeah so you’ve got a young person time has flown it always does in these
shows because i love the conversations you’ve got a young person they what would be the one thing that you
would say start here this is your next best step if you’re a self-motivated hard worker start here on in any career
where would you tell them to start shadowing people that you admire go spend an afternoon or go have lunch
and pick their brain see what they’re doing great that other people aren’t
okay so when i got in the business i went and talked to different people in different product types
uh on on there and i trusted my gut i’m a big believer in trust in your gut
but you also do the work and you study and you learn so it’s not like you’re going on a whim and there’s a lot behind
that gut with it without it without a doubt yeah well greg thank you so much for being our guest that heroic
experience is here to elevate businesses of all sizes small and medium companies especially business owners executives
business leaders established entrepreneurs we want to help elevate your business to heroic success and one
way that when we do that is to have guests like graham that will share stories and principles that you can use
apply them today join us back on the next show this has been the heroic experience to
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