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Commercial Real Estate Training Seminars

Improve your understanding of the commercial real estate market and how to prosper in it.

Commercial Real Estate Training Seminars are catered to your exact goals and issues, whether you are an individual agent, office or association. All programs are fully customizable to suit your needs, and all are guaranteed.

I help individuals and groups learn the foundation of representing tenants, buyers and investors of commercial real estate. As an active and successful commercial real estate broker for over 30 years, my seminars will, without a doubt, help improve you and your company’s bottom line. I am certified for continuing education in the State of Ohio and can make any of these courses certified for continuing education in the necessary time frame.

Sample of Offered Seminars/Courses

Commercial Real Estate Market Overview

Our most popular topic! Learn about your local and the national market and how to prosper in it now whether your an owner, user, investor, business person, CFO, CPA, Attorney, etc. We listen to your issues and give you our “finger on the pulse” advice on what to do now to insure your short and long term goals are met. We study the market and all facets of it from office, industrial, retail, medical, student housing and apartments. We do this by seminars, webinars, one on one and in office seminars!

Becoming an Expert in Commercial Real Estate

Learn everything you need to know to become an expert from an expert in commercial real estate. All of your questions will be answered for a great foundation for a quick start to get you going.

Relationship vs. Transaction Style of Business

Become familiar with The Schenk Company’s success and how we approach business and life. Learn how it changed us and others from simply being “order takers and vendors” to having lifelong, successful relationships in business. This will be the most important information for your career path, whether you are a new associate or a 25 year veteran!

Preferred Vendor Strategy

Learn how to get business to come to you with a proven system of preferred vendors which will enhance you as a successful real estate professional as well as your business model. Establish a strategy which will bring you business each and every year. You will never have to cold call again!

Renewal Strategies – Top Ten Mistakes List

Learn the proper techniques to work with tenants and difficult landlords. Assist tenants through the early lease renewal process in both soft and tight markets. Take this course if you want to help your clients improve their bottom line.

Tenant Representation from A to Z – Tenant Rep Overview

Learn the basics and set the foundation for representing tenants, buyers, and investors. Have all your questions answered about the process itself, overcoming objections, getting clients, and keeping them for life.

Rookie School

This is a course geared toward agents with two years or less of experience within the industry. Give your career the proper foundation to excel within the commercial real estate industry by learning the process “From A to Z.” Learn how to put together a “brag book,” and become familiar with every Form and Agreement needed in which to successfully represent and retain clients with their leases and/or capital investments. This class is guaranteed to start you off on a path to success by helping you set goals and find direction by following our proven timeline and formula for success.

Negotiations 101

Greg has his CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) designation and after helping his clients with over 750 assignments there isn’t’ a type he hasn’t done. Let him take you thru the process of how to best negotiate for your clients to maximize their savings or improvement of their bottom line!

Lease vs. Buy – What’s a Client to Do?

Learn different techniques such as what to look for and which analysis to use when working with a client in determining whether they should lease or purchase a property. You will learn to address the many decisions which need to be made and how to best handle each and every situation.

Corporate Services

Learn how to get multi-market assignments, what forms are necessary, identify the associations that can support your efforts, and gain a worldwide network of contacts. If you want to take your business from local to global, this class is for you!

Build to Suits

Learn everything from site selection to selecting the various contractors, architects, and other important players involved when representing tenants and buyers in building their own buildings. If you want to be a true “advisor” to clients, this class is a must for your future development. Seasoned brokers will love this class!

Improving Your Sales and Professionalism – Sales Training for the Agent and Broker

This course provides an overview of sales techniques and what it takes to be a top broker. Are you tired of being in the middle of the pack? Not reaching your goals? This course will teach you how to present yourself in the best light to each person you come in contact with, and how to ensure people will remember you forever! This course is a great way to lay a foundation for future success.

Getting the Tenant Rep Agreement Executed

Part of the tenant rep class, this course reviews the tenant rep agreement and teaches you how to get it properly executed.


We also teach these courses in a Webinar format. Click here to learn more.