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Competitive Edge “Webinar”

Minimize expenses and maximize your time – receive live training by Webinar in any of our courses. We will design Webinars to meet your educational goals. Not just for Realtors® – attorneys, bankers, accountants, and associations will all benefit from our individualized instruction. Whether for an individual or an entire office, a Competitive Edge Webinar will help improve your bottom line. We can do both CE and non CE.

$1,000 – $2,500 depending on Webinar length and attendance

LIMITED TIME ONLY : 10% off if you book by December 31, 2016.

Customized Consultations

For all participants in the event March 23rd to April 2, 2015 that want to take advantage of our half hour free coaching contact us by December  1, 2016 to reserve your session to help you be the best you can be schenkseminars.com/freehalfhoursession

Do you have questions about how to prosper in the real estate business? These 1- or 4- hour consultations are customized for your individual needs and goals, and delivered in your choice of format: phone or video conferencing! We will help you set goals, build your business, and get your questions answered.

1 hour = $250
4 hours = $800

Tenant Rep “A to Z” – Questions you Always Wanted Answered!

This book is a compilation of questions and answers from our 25 years of assisting clients and 15 years of speaking, teaching, and training. Every question you have had on how to represent tenants and buyers will be answered!

  • How to become a tenant rep
  • How to get the agreement signed
  • How to compete against large, full service firms
  • …and many more!

Tenant Rep Forms and Presentation Book

This CD is geared toward agents, and has all the forms we use for tenant representation. It also details the process of representing tenants, and will teach you how to put together a presentation “brag book.”

The presentation book will show you how to highlight what you and your firm have to ensure your clients get what they want for a long term value added relationship. When you purchase both and sign up for our newsletter you get any form update at no cost.

Forms include:

  • Tenant rep agreement
  • Client profile form
  • Lease abstract
  • Value-added summary
  • …and many more!